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Okra Okra


Do you believe the damage is due to spotted bollworm or else on okra leaves?

The symptoms are in patches. I could not find the larvae despite the effort. All I can find was a moth on a leaf whose picture is attached. Please give appropriate suggestion.


Ejaz Amir Looks like beetles attack


Hi Ejaz Amir , It is not due to the attack of Spotted boll worms as there is no waste or excreta or worms there. It might be due to the attack of Flea Beetles .


Ejaz Amir Pls ck for তুলার দাগাঙ্কিত গুটি পোকা and compare. I guess if there were an attack by তামাক লেদাপোকা during early flushes of new leaves. Pls have a look in Plantix Library and compare also for this insect. Naturally the larvae is absent now because it has already gone pupation or in adults moth. So, you need not do anything with chemicals right at this moment until you see similar attack in next flushes.


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Hi! It looks like attack by chewing pests. Apply neem oil on the leaves to prevent more damages.


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