Leading the digital transformation in agriculture towards environmentally and economically sustainable farming.

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Over the last five years, Plantix has established itself as a digital plant disease diagnosis and cultivation expert. Today, we connect small-scale farmers and suppliers in one digital ecosystem with our two apps, Plantix and Plantix Partner.

Customised solutions, reliable products and trusted services are our primary goals. In 2020, we answered more than 20 million cultivation and crop-related questions from farmers, and we digitally connected more than 30,000 retailers.

Facts and Figures

Plantix App

daily active app users

70,000 daily active app users

crop diagnosis

1 diagnosis every 2 seconds

Languages and Countries

Available in 150 countries and 18 languages

Plantix Partner App

brands and products

Delivering 40+ brands and 1000+ products


Operating in 8 Indian states


Trusted by 50,000+ retailers

Plantix Team


200 Plantix employees


Offices in:
Berlin · Indore · Hyderabad

Executive Team

Simone Strey

Simone Strey · CEO

As a chief executive officer (CEO) and co-founder, Simone Strey drives Plantix to deliver the vision of leading the digital transformation in agriculture towards environmentally and economically sustainable farming.

Simone holds an M.S. in Geography from Leibniz University Hanover. Her career took her from Berlin, Amazon Rainforest, to West Africa, the Gambia and India, where she gained first-hand experience and understanding of small-scale farmers’ needs.

Simone had also successfully built up the NGO Green Desert e.V., to create self-sufficient technical solutions in water, agricultural and energy infrastructure.

Rahul Singh Solanki

Rahul Singh Solanki · CEO India

Rahul Singh Solanki is the chief executive officer in India (CEO India). Prior to joining Plantix, Rahul was an equity research analyst at JP Morgan and Edelweiss.

He earned an M.S in Microelectronics from the IIT Bombay. With his 10+ years of senior management experience, Rahul's focus is sale operations in the company.

Rob Strey

Rob Strey · CTO

Robert Strey, Plantix’s chief technology officer (CTO) and co-founder, is an architect of Plantix’s cutting edge technology and agricultural database. Robert holds a M.S. in Geography from Leibniz University Hanover.

His primary focus at Plantix is to establish the company’s strategy for using efficient, profitable and secure technological resources and implement new infrastructure systems.

Martin Kütter

Martin Kütter · COO

Plantix’s chief organisational officer (COO), Martin Kütter, is responsible for the company's operations and business development.

Martin holds a M.S in Economics from the London School of Economics (LSE), and has more than 20 years of strategic management experience in businesses such as Telefónica, Delivery Hero and Babbel.

He joined Plantix in 2019 to help founders to shape and scale the company professionally.

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Plantix app in use
Farmer checking his crops
Agri-retailer using Plantix Partner
Farmer in the field
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