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Autographa nigrisigna


In a Nutshell

  • Feeding damage on leaflets and pods.


Chickpea, Gram


The semilooper is feeding on leaflets and pods. While feeding on the pods, the looper leaves a ragged and irregular damage of the pod wall behind.


The moth of the semilooper has patterned forewings. Eggs are laid in clumps of 40 eggs on the leaflets and the larvae are green in color. One generation takes about 4 weeks. If more than 2 larvae are found per 10 plants, you should start control measures.

Biological Control

Preparations with Bacillus Thuringiensis can help to control semiloopers. Protect predator species like spiders and other natural enemies by avoiding the use of pesticides. You can also install bird perches for predatory birds.

Chemical Control

Apply Endosulfan to control Semiloopers.

Preventive Measures

Try to grow large and vital plants. Avoid water stress. Monitor your plants frequently.