Plantix participates in first-ever Happiness Return matrix project!

With the aim of empowering entrepreneurs to co-create a happier world, our investor Happiness Capital has launched the venture capital industry’s first Happiness Return matrix. The project seeks to disrupt traditional investment mindset in not only just focusing on financial return but also happiness return. With this holistic measurement, not only can it uncover actionable insights to inform investment and management decisions, but it can promote happiness as an investment trend to attract entrepreneurs and investors with like-minded goals.

"Happiness is vital for the future of humanity and should be embedded in capital investment criteria,” said Eric Ng, CEO of Happiness Capital. “We invest in startups and VC funds that have the same mission as us, under the philosophy of a ‘We > I’ perspective, with the aim to co-create a global Happiness Community as a big family."

Plantix was honored to participate in the inaugural in-depth portfolio survey, conducted by renowned impact measurement company 60 Decibels and supported by leading impact management firm SVT Group and Mr. Jed Emerson who is one of the world’s renowned impact investment expert. All parties worked together to design the survey questions to ensure they are aligned with industry standards on impact and but most importantly with the Happiness Return framework. “It has been an extremely insightful journey and we are grateful to be given an opportunity to participate in the Happiness Return initiative, which not only uses a fresh perspective to see the positive impact we are making to our Plantix stakeholders such as platform users, their families, local communities etc., but also providing actionable insights for us to further deepen our impact creation”, said Simone Strey, Co-Founder and CEO of Plantix.

Over the course of a few months in mid-2021, 60 Decibels contacted over 400 Plantix users, who are farmers in India, to measure their overall wellbeing, happiness and engagement with Plantix.

We are happy to share some key insights from the survey:

  • 83% reported improvements in quality of life because of Plantix
  • 62% reported feeling ‘very engaged’ with Plantix’s purpose to help provide small-scale farmers with access to information
  • Nearly 1 in 2 farmers say they feel ‘extremely happy’, which indicates strong levels of farmer wellbeing

We cherish our partnership with Happiness Capital and applaud their work in taking concrete steps to promote happiness and challenge the status quo. The insights captured are valuable in understanding what we have done right and what we need to focus next in order to help Plantix users to improve their quality of life.

About Plantix – https://plantix.net/en/ – Plantix, a Berlin-based AI company that offers the world’s largest independent database for the automated detection of plant diseases, and leveraging AI for farmers in developing markets. It has amassed a large customer footprint around the world, with a focus on India, where it has reached over 10 million downloads using its farmer-supporting smartphone application.

About Happiness Capital – https://www.happinesscapital.com – Happiness Capital, a global venture capital firm based in Hong Kong, empowers entrepreneurs to co-create a happier world. Currently, its investment portfolio covers seed to growth stage companies in the US, Europe, Israel, and China. It creates a global impact on trust, food, health, climate change, and reduced inequalities. Happiness Capital is a member of Lee Kum Kee Group.