Creating radical change in agriculture

We want to support small-scale farmers and agri-retailers around the world. Using AI technology, data analytics, and scientific research, our goal is to provide the right solutions, promote sustainable practices and enhance farming productivity.

Empowering small-scale farmers with digital farming

We understand how important they are in producing food for the world and the difficulties they face. Limited access to resources, technology, and information can make it hard for them to improve their farming. That's why we build Plantix, a free app that gives farmers access to information, technology, and farming tips.

Supporting sustainable and profitable farming

We believe in empowering the backbone of our agricultural system – the small-scale farmers and agri-retailers. Our two apps, Plantix and Plantix Partner, are not just tools; they are the foundation of a movement transforming the agricultural industry, helping farmers improve their living income and livelihood while agri-retailers can better serve their farming community.

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Focus, care, enable, share!

Our brand values represent what we believe in and how we choose to conduct our business. They are guiding principles that shape everything we do.


We are committed to doing the right thing, even if it means challenging traditional thinking. We are dedicated to creating the biggest impact and greatest value we possibly can.


Caring is about being aware of how our actions impact our social and natural environments. Everything is connected. So we strive to be kind, empathetic and helpful in all we do.


We enable people to make smart choices that would help them grow and live better lives. This leads to greater independence, self-reliance and success.


We believe that having access to trusted information helps our users to achieve better outcomes. So we provide accurate, relevant and unbiased information where and when it’s needed.

Building a brighter future

As an international company with offices in Germany and India, our goal is to provide equal opportunities to individuals from all walks of life and diverse social backgrounds. We are dedicated to fostering a workplace culture that values progress, ingenuity, and honesty, creating an environment where everyone can thrive.

Customer first
Voice of Customer
We focus on customer feedback and expectations to deliver the best service to our users.
People focused
Work-life Balance
We consider the individual needs of employees and encourage everyone to enjoy their time during and after work.
Pillars of progress
We are ambitious with a strong sense of purpose. We are determinated to be innovative and futuristic in our endeavours.
Ethical conduct
We welcome and treat everyone equally regardless of gender, religion, caste, ethnicity, income group and disability.