Farmers can now get immediate help on infected crops - for free

The AI powered Plantix turns every device running Whatsapp into a powerful crop doctor

Try Plantix on Whatsapp for free

In the past, farmer Joe from Kenya used to lose a lot of money and yield due to pest attacks in his crops. Now he is using high-tech to challenge this problem. At no cost and no barriers. "It is a miracle", he states. "I send a picture of my plants to this WhatsApp number and get the cause of the problem and what is needed to fight it back – immediately and with no strings attached." Many farmers like Joe suffer from poor advice and consequently wrong product descriptions when it comes to crop problems. This means that they often buy products that are not suited to solve the problem, thus wasting money and risking losing even more yields. An Indian/German startup saw this problem 5 years ago and developed the smart phone app Plantix to solve it. Today, Plantix uses the most comprehensive and precise image recognition software for plant pest, diseases and nutrient deficiencies.

Plantix can now automatically identify more than 400 different plant problems on more than 40 different cereal, fruit and vegetable plants. And the number is growing day by day. The app has been downloaded more than 10 million times by now, but the developers of Plantix are still hungry exploring new ways to support farmers more effectively: "It’s now easier than ever to access Plantix's powerful image recognition software as we launched a new Chatbot that can be used for free by everyone! It’s super simple: store the number on your phone, upload an image via WhatsApp, and get the result within seconds", says Rob Strey, the technical mastermind behind Plantix and adds, "if you like it, spread the word and share the number, our crop doctor can help everybody at the same time".

Try Plantix on Whatsapp for free

All you have to do to know what your plant problems is and how to treat it :

  • Open Whatsapp
  • Send an image

Please let me guide you through the features of the amazing bot.

Plantix can identify plant pest, nutrient deficiency and pathogens and will show you an image for comparison. Plantix will also directly send you a link with information on how to solve this issue.

Plantix will tell you if your plant is healthy.

Plantix will be straightforward with you in case you uploaded an image of a plant that it doesn't support (yet).

Plantix is smart enough to tell you if your image lacks focus or is too blurry to be analyzed properly.

You won’t be able to fool Plantix with “arbitrary objects” ;) - just give it a try!

Try Plantix on Whatsapp for free