How The Farmer Kapil Achieved a Bumper Harvest With Plantix

Just last week Kapil, a farmer from Gujarat, wrote us how satisfied he is with Plantix and how he has managed to increase his harvest considerably with the help of our App. In the following interview Kapil tells you how he became aware of Plantix and what advantages the use of Plantix has had for him.

"Finally there was no cause for thinking further so I decided to download Plantix"

Mr. Kapil, Namaste. We are pleased that you have contacted us and are available for an interview. First, we would like to ask you how you found out about Plantix, and how long you have been using Plantix already?

I found the Plantix App more or less randomly as I was exploring the Playstore. The description sounded very promising. Then I researched Plantix, read all the reviews and dived deeper on the Plantix Website and Facebook. Finally there was no cause for thinking further so I decided to download Plantix. In June of this year, I have now been using Plantix successfully for one year.

"But I'm far from the only one who benefits from Plantix, also my neighbors and relatives too"

Sir, please tell us briefly your Plantix story; what problems could you solve with it?

Personally, I have grown tomatoes this year under the leadership of Plantix and its community experts, and I have benefited greatly from it. The Plantix Crop Advisory feature also enables me to grow other crops like cotton, as all the information I need to do this is available within Plantix. And fenugreek, too - It’s very popular here. I used the Plantix community to learn all the details about fenugreek cultivation. The soil of my farm was weak and we also had water problems. Nevertheless, I was able to increase my fenugreek production after following the instructions of community experts. Plantix Community experts suggested that I use a special fertilizer to improve the quality of my soil. After applying the special fertilizer twice, I was able to see better results with my products.

But I'm far from the only one who benefits from Plantix, also my neighbors and relatives too. It's so simple using it. The information and instructions Plantix gives about the fertilizers to use helps a lot in communicating with the fertilizer dealer. Apart from the fact that Plantix very reliably detects plant diseases and deficiency symptoms, it also shows all the information about the disease as well as all forms of remedies, chemical and biological. From chemical contents and percentages, I can tell him everything and get exactly the product that makes my crops grow in the best possible way. Furthermore, I can easily contact the Agri experts from the Plantix Online Community with questions and problems when more information is needed.

That’s great to hear. Thank you very much. What is your message to other farmers about Plantix?

I would just like to say that young farmers in particular who are enthusiastic about growing their own crops but do not have agricultural knowledge, such as which crops they should grow or when and where they can get the best seeds, can definitely benefit a lot from Plantix. In addition, any normal person can benefit enormously from using Plantix too - really anyone! If they follow Plantix's instructions and trust the experts in the community, they will gain enormous economic and social benefits from their products.