Plantix Vision API

Provide the best support to your farmers with accurate crop diagnosis and customised solutions anytime and anywhere.

Plantix API

Get the best real-time diagnoses of crop issues

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30+ crops

Diagnosing plant diseases and nutrient deficiencies in more than 30 major crops.

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780+ plant diseases

Detects more than 780 plant diseases using machine learning and artificial intelligence.

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20 languages

Available in 20 languages across various regions around the world.

Supporting your growth

Plantix API benefits

Create a business impact

Easy integration of the Plantix Vision API in your products allows you to increase user engagement by creating rich user experiences. It also helps you optimise your economic and business long-term growth.

Plantix API benefits

Agricultural data that connects

Plantix Vision API empowers farmers to take informed actions. It helps them improve their efficiency, protect their yield and reduce costs. Get access to these real-time agricultural insights and create better connections with your farmers!

Farmers report an improvement in their farming of 90%.

Receive reliable diagnosis in seconds

Plantix Vision makes cutting-edge image recognition technology available for all agricultural purposes, as it specialises in plant pathogens detection. Get reliable results for over 30 different varieties of crops.

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Meg Ryan

Enabling Capabilities Program Lead and Key Account Manager at Corteva

"Proximal threat identification is a powerful, foundational tool. Plantix Vision API can enable next-gen digital offerings across the globe. With this technology, we can confidently combine industry leading machine learning, expertly curated content, and localized product knowledge to delight our customers with comprehensive digital-plus-input solutions."