Fall Armyworm


The Fall Armyworm is a strongly invasive caterpillar. Native to the American continent, it conquered Africa and continued to spread to Europe and the Far East in recent years. On its way, the Fall Armyworm caused huge damage especially on Corn, Sorghum, and Millet and and left millions of farmers in destitution. Within the last weeks dozens of validated cases of Fall Armyworm have been reported to us in India and our models show that it’s spreading continuously. For this reason, we developed the first live pest tracking tool for Fall Armyworm. We want to warn and inform you in real-time to give you sufficient room for action. We have also updated the Plantix Disease Library in collaboration with our expert network. Look here to get the latest crop-specific preventive and treatment measures

In a Nutshell

  • Молодые личинки поедают ткань листа с одной стороны, оставляя противоположную сторону нетронутой.
  • Они могут питаться всходами, пока не будут уничтожены почки и верхушки.
  • Более крупные личинки оставляют на листьях характерные отверстия и рваные поля.
  • Они могут также повредить репродуктивные структуры и завязь.

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<iframe width="400px" height="300px" src="https://plantix.net/maps/Fall-Army-Worm-expert-annotation.html"></iframe>

Data source: With our farmer app Plantix, we receive every day more than 20 thousand images from India alone. We use this data to generate insights that we share with all stakeholder. All these data points are shown in the live tracking map are validated by experts. All coordinates are anonymized to a precision of 10km and the data is updated daily. To obtain the raw data or add your data to the map, please reach out to contact@peat.ai.