Zonate Leaf Spot


Zonate Leaf Spot

Gloeocercospora sorghi


In a Nutshell

    target-shaped spots on leavesSemicircular spots on the leaf marginsSize can be variable and spots may merge

Hosts: %1$s

· Millet · Sorghum


At first, small lesions appear on the lower leaves of infected plants. Later, these lesions grow and become circular or target-shaped. On the margins of the leaf, the spots are semicircular. As the disease progresses, the spots coalesce and the whole leaf may be blighted. If the infection is severe, these symptoms may also appear on other parts of the plant.


The pathogen survives in the soil for several years. Infected seeds or sclerotia trigger epidemics when optimal conditions exist, as for example warm and wet weather. The pathogen spreads within and between fields by wind and splashing water.

Biological Control

You can apply high levels of nitrogen fertilizer to decrease the incidence of the disease. Nevertheless, you should focus on preventive measures to avoid an infection in the next growing season.

Chemical Control

Chemical treatment is in most cases not feasible.

Preventive Measures

    Appropriate nitrogen applicationPlant resistant and healthy varietiesAvoid overhead irrigationMinimize leaf wetnessCrop rotationMaintaining a soil pH value of between 6 to 7


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