Rough Leaf Spot Of Sorghum


Rough Leaf Spot Of Sorghum

Ascochyta sorghi


In a Nutshell

    Small reddish spots on leavesSmall white craters surrounded by black on the leavesPurple, enlarged spots on the leaves with tan centers and purple bordersSpots coalesce, forming extensive tanned centers

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· Sorghum


In the initial stage of the infection, small reddish spots appear on the leaves. Black pustules develop on the upper or lower surface of these spots, which break off easily and leave white craters with black surroundings. As the disease progresses, the spots enlarge and may turn dark red to purple with tanned center. These spots merge into one another and form larger lesions. At a final stage, leaves may die off.


The fungus spreads via spores. High humidity favors the infection. The fungus may survive on crop residues.

Biological Control

Sorry, we don't know of any alternative treatment against Ascochyta sorghi . Please get in touch with us in case you know of something that might help to fight this disease. Looking forward hearing from you.

Chemical Control

Spray Bordeaux mixture (copper). Note that this can also cause a toxic reaction in the plants.

Preventive Measures

    Plant resistant varietiesAvoid overwateringBe careful to provide enough space between rowsImplement a diversified crop rotation


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