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Rice Yellow Mottle Virus

Rice Yellow Mottle Virus



In a Nutshell

    Yellow stripes and spots on new leavesYellow to orange spots on older leavesDark patches in the center of streaks

Hosts: %1$s

· Rice


Younger leaves are mottled with yellow to green spots. After infection (2 weeks) these spots elongate parallel to the leaf veins. In the center of the yellow streaks, dark patches develop. Older leaves show yellow or orange discoloration. The growth of the plants can be stunted and the yield is reduced.


The virus is transmitted by several species of beetles or grasshoppers as well as cows, rats and donkeys. It is also transmitted through inter-plant movement of sap e.g. via irrigation water or contact between infected and healthy plants and undestroyed/plowed crop residues.

Biological Control

Destroy infected plants and plow under infected plant residues or better burn them.

Chemical Control

There is no direct chemical treatment to control the virus

Preventive Measures

    Plant more resistant varietiesBurn crop residuesWeed regularlyControl InsectsPlant early