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Pearl Millet Smut

Pearl Millet Smut

Moesziomyces bullatus


In a Nutshell

    Grains turn into green sori (fungal spores capsules)Later the fungi turn black

Hosts: %1$s

· Millet


The grains of the millet become green sori. These are larger than the grains and appear as oval/conical capsules. As the disease progresses, the sori turn black.


The disease is transmitted via seeds.

Biological Control

Sorry, we don't know of any alternative treatment against Moesziomyces bullatus . Please get in touch with us in case you know of something that might help to fight this disease. Looking forward hearing from you.

Chemical Control

From an economic point of view, chemical treatment is not viable.

Preventive Measures

    Use resistant varieties like WC-C75, ICMS 7703, ICTP 8203, and ICMV 155Use healthy seedsAvoid excessive nitrogen fertilisation