Bitter Rot


Bitter Rot

Glomerella cingulata


In a Nutshell

    Brown spots on fruitsFruits taste bitterFruits mummify

Hosts: %1$s

· Cherry


The fruits of plants infected with the fungus taste bitter and show brown and sunken spots. If the shoots are affected, flowering will be limited in the following year. Fruits will not ripen completely, and dehydrated fruits remain hanging on the tree - so-called mummified fruit.


Spores grow on theaffected parts of the trunk or the branches and infect the fruit. It is not until the fruits are harvested and stored that the fungi develop further and the characteristic rotten spots appear on the fruits.

Biological Control

Mummified fruit has to be removed and destroyed

Chemical Control

Spraying with preparations based on copper or sulphur can have good results. Cherry trees can be treated with fungicides based on Dithianon.

Preventive Measures

    Plant fortifier should be applied to keep the plant resistant against infection


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