Anthracnose of Currant & Gooseberry


Anthracnose of Currant & Gooseberry

Drepanopeziza ribis


In a Nutshell

    Dark spots on the leavesLeaf margins roll up and witherDefoliated plant in midsummer

Hosts: %1$s

· Gooseberry · Currant


Dark, dot-like spots appear on the leaves. Later the spots grow into each other and spread more or less over the whole leaf. The leaf margins roll up and wither. Infected leaves fall off at abnormal stages, and bushes are defoliated to a large extent in midsummer.


Anthracnose is caused by a fungus that hibernates on fallen leaves. In spring, spores grow on the old leaves and are carried by the wind to the young leaves, where they cause a new infection. In humid climates, the fungus forms new spores on the infected leaves. These help to spread the fungal spores and with them, the disease.

Biological Control

When you notice first spots, cut the affected leaves. In addition, you can apply a garlic solution (you can find tips in the main menu - information on plant diseases - preventive plant protection).

Chemical Control

Fungicides containing Strobilurin, Copper, Tetrafluoroethoxy Group, Fluazinam Pyraclostrobin or Cyprodinil and Fludioxonil can be applied.

Preventive Measures

    Remove infected leaves before springPrune the bushes for good ventilationMulching is highly recommendedApply fertilizer to strengthen plantsPlant resilient varieties like the “Rovada” currant, and the “Invicta”, “Mucurines”, or “Reflamba” gooseberry


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