Sterility Mosaic

  • Symptoms

  • Trigger

  • Biological Control

  • Chemical Control

  • Preventive Measures

Sterility Mosaic



In a Nutshell

  • Leaves show a light and dark green mosaic pattern.
  • Plants grow bushy without flowers and pods.


Red gram, Pigeonpea


In the early stage of the disease, the veins of young leafs turn light green. In the further progress a light and dark green mosaic pattern develops. The plants grow bushy and no flowers or pods are produced. The size of the leaves is decreased.


The virus is transmitted through Eriophyid mite. Infection risk increases when pigeonpea is intercropped with millet or sorghum. In warm and dry periods, symptoms are suppressed.

Biological Control

Clear all plant residues of affected plants after harvesting. In an early stage you should uproot infected plants and destroy them to prevent further spreading of the virus.

Chemical Control

You can apply acaricides like Kelthane, Tedion @ 1 ml per liter of water to kill mites.

Preventive Measures

Control mites.