Plantix Pest Tracker

Due to the intensity of the Fall Armyworm spread in India, we thought about how we could help you people on the ground with our technologies in best and effectively as possible. Thus, we're presenting you our new tool “Plantix Pest Tracker” to track invasive pests in real-time. We will gradually expand this tool with more and more maps of the most common and invasive pests and diseases in India so that you have a reliable early warning system at hand that is always up-to-date.

Data source: With our farmer app Plantix, we receive more than 20,000 images every day from India alone. We use this data to generate insights that we share with all stakeholders. Data points that are shown in the live tracking map are validated by experts. All coordinates are anonymized to a precision of 10km and the data is updated daily. To obtain the raw data or add your data to the map, please reach out to