Unparalleled remote sensing accuracy

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Discover our unprecedented global ground-truthing solution – Perfect your existing remote sensing algorithms, and support expansion into new crops and country markets!
Our data effortlessly provides you with crop-specific, GPS-located, time-stamped, and real-time information collected using our advanced technology.
This global, consistent, repeatable, big data offering is a paradigm shift in accurate remote sensing algorithms. All powered by Plantix.

Refine your algorithms with precision

15 million farmers

Get optimal crop remote sensing accuracy

Dive into the behaviours of 15 million farmers in 102 countries through AI interpretation of 100 million photographs taken by farmers, verified by the farmers themselves and all images time-stamped, with GPS coordinates, and updated daily.

21 million opportunities

Boost insights with real-time, unique data capture

We have 21 million opportunities to capture GPS-located, time-stamped answers for ground-truthing. Refine algorithms that attempt to estimate farm behaviours, from tillage to harvest dates.

Automated access

Greater efficiency and productivity

Our API allows you to automate access to the very latest updates, streamlining your processes to ensure quicker processing times and, in turn, optimised workflows for increased productivity.

We utilised the Plantix data at my Stanford lab; its uniqueness and remarkable power were evident.
David Lobell
Department of Earth System Science
Stanford University

Data sets tailored to your needs

Crop recognition
Get insights with Plantix's mastery in crop recognition. With an extensive collection of 80 million deduplicated images, each tagged with GPS coordinates and date stamps, we've at least 1,000 verified data points per crop in:
77 countries
For 56 crops
Making a total of 1,162 country: crop combinations.
Geostatical answers
Our groundbreaking approach collects answers to questions whilst each farmer stands in their field, providing instant insights. With high response rates, we offer coverage of:
39 countries
71 crops
224 country: crop combinations.

Market insights in a click

Plantix uniquely engages with farmers while they photograph their sick crops. Each photo unveils not just the crop, pests, diseases, and nutrient deficiencies to help the farmers make the best diagnosis and treatment decisions but also provides us the opportunity to ask additional  insightful questions.
The answers collected are blended with AI interpretation of each photo. Time-stamp and GPS coordinates are appended to the image via the farmer’s smartphone. A novel, consistent, repeatable, sought-after solution that unlocks unparalleled ground-truthing solutions.
Using Plantix data, we mapped crop types in India at a high resolution. The scale and geographic coverage of the data are unique and unprecedented.
Sherrie Wang
d'Arbeloff Career Development Assistant Professor
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Picture-perfect insights

Capture data seamlessly

Plantix app captures data seamlessly through sick crop photography.

100 million photos

With over 100 million photos taken by farmers using the app, we have established a comprehensive database.

102 countries

Our global coverage provides us with over 1,000 photos in 102 countries and over 10,000 in 77 countries.

12.5 million farmers

Plantix's user base is rapidly expanding and is projected to reach 12.5 million active farmers by the end of 2024. The app has gone viral, growing on all continents and across all crops every day.

Plantix data revolutionizes agricultural insights, offering real-time advisories that empower smallholder farmers' decision-making in the agri-ecosystem.
Srikanth Rupavatharam
Head of Innovations Hub and Senior Scientist