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Leverage the power of Plantix Vision for your agtech application
Integrate Plantix Vision into your mobile offering!
  • Leverage the power of Plantix Vision for your agtech application
  • Receive instant diagnosis from our AI image recognition technology!
  • Integrate Plantix Vision into your mobile offering!

Plantix Vision Disease Recognition Offers...

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Deliver your customers the best plant disease recognition service out there.

Provide them with detailed information and help their business to thrive.

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Disease Recognition

By specializing in detecting plant pathogens, Plantix Vision makes cutting-edge image recognition technology available for agrarian purposes and provides understandable results with internationalization. Profit from an outstanding and field proven accuracy ensured by three independent working neural networks.

  • EPPO Code
  • English Disease Name
  • Scientific Name
  • Similarity As Percentage
  • JSON Format

Disease Net

The disease net is trained on hundreds of thousands of images from more than 40 countries and is the first model on the market that can detect more than 350 plant damages.

Crop Net

The object net is especially meaningful when people trying the app for the first time and simply snap images from arbitrary objects in their direct surrounding. In this case, the object net tells you what exactly the user snapped. (coffee mugs, television, their feet)

Object Net

The crop net is the model with the highest accuracy for crop detection even with complicated light settings and in difficult environment. The crop and disease model work as a team, so anytime a disease is recognized, the crop net will identify the plant that is affected.

Convince yourself!

150 free API calls!

See For Yourself...

Plantix Vision recognizes 350+ plant pathogens on 66 major agricultural crops. 5 years of field use have proven its accuracy, versatility and reliability.

Try the leading image recognition API for plant pathogens now! Packages starting at €15000 per year!

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