character shocked by diseased plant
diseased plant
Is there something wrong with your plant?
Take a picture of your damaged crop
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Just take one or more pictures of your damaged plant...
Plantix Artificial Intelligence
... and Plantix artificial intelligence
or our Plantix Community
Image Recognize Plant disease
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will help you find out what the problem is and tell you how to treat it!
Plantix Community helps with crop damage.
Your Crop will be fine again.
will automatically tell you what's wrong
Plantix Community
exchange with experts and farmers around the world:
The Plantix Movement
A Plant with fertilizer, Statistics and best prectices displayed
Local Community
global community
Share best practices
Ask Plant Pathologists
Local & global
Ask plant pathologists
Get fresh ideas - seedling, light bulb and check mark
Get new ideas
The Plantix Library - Information on hundreds of plant diseases
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Plantix Library
cover over
types of crop
damage with information about:
Symptoms and causes of crop damages
Preventive Measures against crop damages
Biological Treatment
Conventional Control of Crop Damages
Symptoms & causes
Preventive measures
Biological control
Conventional control

Plantix is a mobile crop advisory App for farmers, extension workers and gardeners around the world.

Plantix can diagnose plant diseases, pests and nutrient deficiencies affecting your crops.

Using just a simple smartphone picture, Plantix image recognition is able to detect more than 180 plant pests & diseases automatically.

Every picture improves Plantix image recognition. By uploading pictures, you can help farmers all over the world grow smart - start now!

Plantix puts you in touch with a large community for exchanging knowledge about topics like crop cultivation, disease control and best practices.

Taking a picture of a diseased plant with a smartphone

Instant recognition

Plantix gives you instant feedback on a problem when you take a picture of it.

artificial intelligence - digital brain

Powered by AI

Plantix uses the latest artificial intelligence technology to deliver outstanding image recognition.

Plantix - Library for Plant Damages

Disease library

Plantix provides detailed descriptions of biological and chemical control methods for hundreds of diseases.

local and global community

Global and local

Discuss your strategies or plant problems on local or global channels.

Ask experts - Speech bubbles telling the problem

Ask experts

In the Plantix Community, you have the opportunity to ask plant pathologists about your plant problems.

Regional Weather

Regional weather

Get detailed weather forecasts and current weather data.

Plantix automatically checks your plants for deficiencies, diseases and pests. Try it out now!

We are really happy to have strong partners around the world.

Without our partners it would not be possible for us
to keep up our service and quality for the Plantix Community.
Thank You!

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