An Easy Plant Disease Diagnostic & Monitoring Tool


is a plant damage diagnostic app developed by PEAT. Plantix supports farmers worldwide to recognize plant diseases, pests and nutrient diffidences just by sending a picture.

  • Automated Disease Detection

    Quick and easy detection of plant damages with the help of artificial intelligence just by taking a picture.

  • Digital Library

    A digital library of plant diseases, pests & their treatments. Offline available for every small scale farmer in the world.

  • Options for action

    Independent advices on plant diseases, pests & nutrient deficiencies for a sustainable land management.

  • Monitoring Tool

    Mapping of the spatial distribution of cultivated plants & their damages. Based on the collected information via the camera feature and tagged with GPS coordinates.

  • Geodata

    A deeper understanding of the relations between geofactors & plant diseases.

  • Predictions

    Early warning systems & predictions of crop failures based on the processed data and weather forecasts.

Function Flow

A quick & easy guide for plant diseases & their treatment with a feature to take pictures of the affected plants

Underlying Magic

Plantix is a plant diagnostic App developed by PEAT. The App provides users worldwide with customized information concerning best practices, information on preventive measures and independent options for action. Plantix offers the possibility to send pictures of affected plants directly via smartphone and guides through an identification process to determine the plant disease in a very simple manner. All pictures sent via the App are tagged with coordinates.

The resulting metadata provides valuable insights into the spatial distribution of cultivated crops and most significant plant diseases e.g. in form of high resolution maps. Furthermore Plantix aim to get a deeper understanding of the relations between plant diseases and geofactors by the intersection of the gathered information.

Institutions and policy makers may be supplied with this regionalized real time geodata addressing the spread of diseases and prognosis of crop shortfalls, allowing for fast and targeted policy intervention. Additionally, our tool can be used as an innovative solution for direct communication with small farmers through Push-Messages.

The Benefits of digital technology

  • Multilingual

    Smart & easy adaption to local languages. The user can choose between languages without downloading another version of the App.

  • Accessible for illiterate persons

    Text-to-speech version are easy to integrate and allow people with little or no literacy to use our services.

  • Anonymous & not hierachical

    The support is 100% anonymous - an app makes no differences between people.

  • Gender Neutral

    The App is gender independent and especially for women this is an great empowerment.

Our Tools are

  • Realistic

    The problems of small scale farmers are not constructed. By sending us pictures of affected plants the farmers defines the problem by themselves.

  • decentral

    Once Plantix is adapted to a specific country or region, everyone with access to a mobile device is able to use Plantix.

  • scalable

    Plantix is easily transferable to any place on this planet. Plantix grows with every user.

  • participative

    Through the exchange with our users we are able to integrate local and traditional knowledge.

key figures of Plantix

Plantix was realeased in June 2015 as "GartenBank" in Germany

  • 100.000

    Monthly Sessions

  • 4.5/5

    Average Ratings

  • >500.000

    Received Pictures

  • 100%

    Going global and exsist awards

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